Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some of the latest things I have been working on

Boo Wall Hanging
Frankenstein Box
M&M Treat, open
M&M Treat, closed
Thankful Banner, open
Thankful Banner, closed--this is the project I did with the Baptist Women at church!

First Deer, 2009

Ari shot the Unibuck Saturday night. I don't have the pics yet, but as soon as Courtney sends them to me from his camera, I will update. By the way, yes they name all the deer they see. It helps them keep up with what animal they see where. The other deer she is after is Lucky. She calls him that because she hasn't been able to get a shot.

Watch for pics soon!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome to the Family

Caleb, Amy and the kiddos
Caleb and Amy
We were blessed with a new addition. Caleb married Amy in August. What fun she has been. We are truly blessed with our host kids.

Courtney's 20 year Reunion

Misti Pryor, Misti Chennault
Amy, Court, John
Misti and Jennifer Tiner Shaw
Court, Circa 1989
Court, Nate, Tera
Patty and Julie, Michael Jackson's Thriller Dance

The McDonald's Crew. This is the only reason my kids will never work fast food! This was one rowdy group of friends!

School pics

Ari and her daddy
My 3 kids, it's funny not having Brittni in the pics, but she was already gone to SWOSU. Ari-Senior; Connor-5th; Hunter-2nd. Take note of how tall Connor is. He grew 6 inches over the summer. He is only about 2 inches shorter than Ari and he wears a mens size 8.5 shoe. The same size his daddy wears!

Hunter, 2nd grade
Connor, 5th grade

Happy Birthday Mom

Picture from my 40th birthday in May.

Wednesday was my Mom's birthday. I called her, but never got a chance to post anything! I am working on her birthday present, just what she wanted--food!


I know, I know. Slacker, that's me. Wow, things have been busy around here. I will try to give you a quick run down.

School is in full swing. Brittni is living in a private/not private room at school. She was blessed with a new room, that is private, but we don't have to pay private fees. They were created out of rooms that were already there, but not being used. The only down side, no sink in her room. Otherwise, she loves it. It is off the beaten path, right next to the RA, and on the ground floor. What more could you want?

Ari is enjoying her senior year. She is starting to make some decisions about college, etc. One of which is the military. She has a meeting Monday with a recruiter. I am not sure her health will allow her that luxury, but we will see. If any of my kids are "military" kids, its her! I don't know how I will handle it, but if that is what she chooses and it works out, so be it!

Connor is doing well in 5th grade. We are having some issues with him being mean to his brother and losing his temper. We are working hard on that, but the influences at school are pretty strong. I went to his class room about a week ago and witnessed first hand the things his teacher hears and deals with everyday. She deserves some sort of medal for putting up with that stuff. Lucky for him Connor was not among the trouble makers, atleast not that day!! His grades aren't the best, but I am confident they will improve. He is more like his dad everyday.

Hunter is really doing well in 2nd grade. His 1st grade teacher wanted us to hold him back because she didn't think he was mature enough to handle second grade, well he has proven her wrong! He is doing quite well and with the exception of some talking, his teacher is pleased with him. He meet his AR reading goal and made all A's! Way to go.

Courtney has not been traveling as much as he once was. He is staying home a lot. He and Ari work out at the Y about 4 times a week. They are the best of friends. That will be another hard adjustment for us, if she decideds to join the military. They are gone right now to our hunting lease and won't be home until late Sunday. That is pretty much there home away from home until December or January.

We are starting the Fireproof series in our Sunday School class this week. Although, Courtney and I have been married almost 20 years, I am excited to see what this can do for us. I will be teaching 1/2 of the classes, and that will be new to me. Give me a room full of 2nd or 3rd graders and I don't blink an eye. Put me in front of a room full of my peers and I sweat, talk fast, and forget what I am supposed to be doing and saying!

I hope all of you are well. We have had the flu here. Connor and I had it, although we weren't tested. Our doctors offices were closed because entire staffs were sick. Connor was out of school 4 days, and had a fever for 3 straight days. I had a fever one day and missed 2 1/2 days of work. It was hard to be home, but honestly I was exhausted. I forgot just how bad you feel when you are feverish. He was a trooper and did quite well. He even stayed home 1/2 a day by himself. I called and checked on him every 30 minutes. He did fine for the most part; until it thundered. That scared him, but he did fine.

Well, I am off. I will try not to go so long without posting again.