Thursday, November 27, 2008

A few things I am thankful for....

In no particular order:

I am thankful for ALL of my college kids. We don't have a picture of all of them so I chose to leave pics of them off so as to not hurt anyones feelings. I am thankful for all of them!

I am also thankful for my friends. The ones who come through when I need them and don't expect anything in return. True friends are hard to find and I am blessed to have some in my life.

My father in law, and brothers in law and spouses. Not pictured Amy and Angela

My sister and her family. Not pictured my brother in law, nieces and nephew.

Justin, he makes Brittni very happy and that makes us very happy!

My husband

My children

Not pictured, my step-mom Kay.
My parents

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day

I am a very proud grand daughter. See the pictures below to see why!

Tomorrow marks my 19th wedding anniverary but more importantly it is Veteran's Day. A day we should show our appreciation to all the veterans who have served, are serving and will serve on our behalf. We recently had a presidential election. Whether or not you liked the outcome, you had a chance to vote, thanks in part to the many veterans who have served. Currently, I know 3 people fom here in Dubtown who are serving in Iraq. That is three families whom I am personally connected too that are sacrificing on my behalf. Take a minute today and thank a veteran or a veterans family.

Grandpa Steve receiving special recognition from my alma mater, El Reno High School. He was one of 2 living WWI vets honored on 11-11-93. I lost my beloved Grandpa on 12-2-93.

Grandpa Steve and His Dear Friend and WWI buddy, Johnny Fitch

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Which way to the gun show?

That is a favorite saying of Ari's when she flexes her muscles. I have to admit she works out a lot and is very muscular. Well, today she must have pulled something because she is sore. So, we iced her biceps tonight. I couldn't resist the pics. You will notice she was not so sore that she had to quit texting!

Hunter with his new eyes

Hunter got glasses today. He has been having trouble in school and we think this might be the cause. He has far-sightedness and astignatism (sp). He is sporting his new eyeware with his big sis. He wanted red, just like hers, but we were able to comvince him to get a more manly color. What do you think? Cute, huh?

Brittni and the Segway

Brittni works for the General Tom Stafford Museum. One of the perks is getting to ride this cool machine called a Segway. She was chosen to drive it in the SWOSU Homecoming parade. I think she drives it better than she drives her truck!

Her grandpa and daddy where very sad when the loaded it up and took it back to the museum. I think they both wanted to give it a spin! Truth is, so did I!

Pics from Halloween

This is a picture from our Trunk or Treat. Hunter was a soldier knight for this one. The lady with him is a dear friend of ours. She cooks for Falls Creek every year and courtney helps her. She is dressed as an old lady. She looked hilarious. She grabbed Hunter for a smooch and I just happened to be ready with the camera. Someday he will kill me for this!
Hunter the Dragon Knight, he wouldn't "pose" for a picture so I had to get him on the move.
Connor the ghost, I know creepy huh?

Pics from State

Running her first state cross country meet
Ari, Grandma, and Brittni
relaxing after the run. Modeling her new attire. The beanie, a gift from the state cross country meet. The shirt, a gift from mom and dad. The shorts, a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Howard