Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Meredith

Tomorrow is Meredith's Birthday. We usually go to Alfredo's. I sure wish you were here. We would love to take you out to eat.

Happy Birthday MereBear. Your Oklahoma Family Loves and Misses You!!

Band Banquet

Tonight was the 2007-2008 Band Banquet. They gave out several awards. Brittni received two.

I think the biggest surprise, to us and her, was the Outstanding Sectional Leader. Brittni does a great job, but she never gets noticed because she is quiet and unassuming. When they called her name tonight I thought we were all gonna cry. It was very special to Brittni because Justin was with her. She also won Best Committment to WHS Band.

Mr. Lamke also told the story about Brittni falling during the Centennial Parade. Because she plays the bass drum, she can't see over it. When they were marching no one told Brittni that there was an inflatable toy motor on the ground in front of her. Since she couldn't see it, she was marching full speed ahead when she hit it. She went face first over the drum and on to the ground. Mr. Lamke was bragging on her because she never missed a beat. She jumped up, cleaned herself off and ran back to catch up with the Band. Since she is the drum line leader she counts off the songs, she knew she needed to be back to the band in time to start the next song. The other band director wanted her to go the emergency room, but instead she ran back and keep the drum line going.

We were proud that day, maybe just a little mad that no one was watching out for her, but we were really proud today when Mr. Lamke was bragging on her.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pics for Connor's Baptism

Getting ready to go

Earl explaining that getting baptized does not make you a Christian

Going under

A new Connor

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sending Love to Texas

MySpace Comments

Hang in there MereBear! We love you!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today is Cathy's Birthday!!!!!

Birthday taz

Happy Birthday Little Sister!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Boots is Brittni's boyfriend. His real name is Justin, but Ari gave him the nickname Boots. We say Booooots with a southern drawl, that is how Justin says it and how he got the nickname!

A few quick pics from Prom 2008

Brittni, Justin and Grandpa

Brittni & Justin

Brittni and Ari

Brittni and Grandma

Arriving, Prom 2008

Courtney, Birthday 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A few pics from the weekend

Hunter and Connor with the glasses from Hunter's new Dart Tag Game

Ari and her digital key chain.

Brittni and "Boots" Notice they are leaning against Courtney's new CAMO chair.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Time for an update

Can't believe how time gets away from me. I don't think I will be able to update as much as I would like until school is out. Just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.....

Prom is Saturday night. Brittni is going with "Boots", Ari gave him the nickname. I had to fix her dress last night and I still need to make their flowers. (I have done it for the last two proms and they asked me to make these also). Connor is being baptized on Sunday so we will have family out for that. I still need to order Brittni's senior announcements and she is going with "Boots" to his prom in May and we just got the dress last weekend. It is toooooo big, so we need it altered. Know any good semstresses?

We had great birthday parties this weekend. The kids got lots of neat stuff. Ari used her birthday money and bought some things last night. She can't wait for them to come in. Hunter got a swingset that still needs to be put together. I am thinking my college students may have a job after Survivor Thursday. I got one of those cool express grills. It has the pockets in it to make things. I can't wait to try it. I have gone through the recipe booklet and picked some things out, but I also saw the infomercial for it and want to try some of those things. Especially the Chocolate Cake with Snickers in it!!! They are small enough, I think I could eat 1/3 of one and not do my diet any harm.

We are testing this week so our schedules are all messed up. Brittni doesn't have to be to school until 12:05. Ari and Connor are testing each morning for 2 hours and Hunter has a normal day. So, I am off to get everyone up. Fed them a healthy breakfast and get them out the door. Except for Brittni, of course, who is enjoying her sleep!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A new Christian in the Family......

We were so excited this morning when Connor went down front to make his profession of faith. We are not sure when he will be baptized yet, but it should be in the next couple of weeks. We are understandly excited.

Video of "How You Live" by Point of Grace

My new favorite song

Today a friend of mine sang the song How You Live for special music at church. It really spoke to me. I have put the words below, I would encourage you to read them and then listen to the song.

How You Live (turn Up The Music) - Point Of Grace

Verse 1:
Wake up to the sunlight
With your windows open
Don't hold in your anger or leave things unspoken
Wear your red dress
Use your good dishes
Make a big mess and make lots of wishes
Have what you want
But want what you have
And don't spend your life lookin' back

Turn up the music
Turn it up loud
Take a few chances
Let it all out
You won't regret it
Lookin' back from where you have been
Cuz it's not who you knew
And it's not what you did
It's how you live

Verse 2:
So go to the ballgames
And go to the ballet
And go see your folks more than just on the holidays
Kiss all your children
Dance with your wife
Tell your husband you love him every night
Don't run from the truth
'Cause you can't get away
Just face it and you'll be okay

Turn up the music
Turn it up loud
Take a few chances
Let it all out
You won't regret it
Lookin' back from where you have been
'Cause it's not who you knew
And it's not what you did
It's how you live

Oh wherever you are and wherever you've been
Now is the time to begin

Verse 3:
So give to the needy
And pray for the grieving
E'en when you don't think that you can
'Cause all that you do is bound to come back to you
So think of your fellow man
Make peace with God and make peace with yourself
'Cause in the end there's nobody else

Turn up the music
Turn it up loud
Take a few chances
Let it all out
'Cause you won't regret it
Lookin' back from where you have been
'Cause it's not who you knew
And it's not what you did
It's how you live

'Cause it's not who you knew
And it's not what you did
It's how you live

Friday, April 4, 2008

Important Upcoming Dates

April 9th---Hunter's 6th birthday

April 11th--Ariana's 16th birthday

April 13th--Family birthday party here at the house

April 15th--Courtney's 30 somethingth birthday

April 24th--Cathy's 30 somethingth birthday

May 18th--Brittni's 18th birthday

May 22 or 23--Brittni's highschool graduation and party

Tricia's New Lungs

Somehow I was directed to the blog Confessions of a CF Husband. I don't remember how I found it or when, but basically I have been reading it since sometime in late January. On that blog, Nathan Lawrenson, tells of he and his family's life. His wife Tricia has CF, and needed a lung transplant. Before she was placed on the list, she found out she was pregnant. Against her doctors advice she decided to continue with the pregnancy and delivered a baby girl in Mid-January. She was only 24 1/2 weeks gestation, but is doing amazingly well. Tricia was placed back on the transplant list a few weeks ago. She got her lungs on her husbands birthday this week. If you want to read an amazing story about an amamazing family, check out their blog. He has it set up where you can read the highlights to get started. Let me know what you think.

Freshmen Orientation

Today, I spent the day at SWOSU with Brittni. Actually, Brittni spent the day with some people getting her enrolled, giving her details and showing her around. I spent the day with some people telling me how little information I was actually allowed to have about Brittni at college, how much things were going to cost, and yada yada yada. I went to SWOSU, twice really. Once as a true freshmen in 1987 and then again as an older student in 2000. Things have certainly changed.

The Dean of Students told us that most of us would be between areas on the chart of losing a child to college. One, their rooms had already been turned into a scrap/craft room and they were sleeping on the couch. Or two, their rooms had been turned into a shrine and we cried everytime we walked by. Well, I guess I am smooth in the middle. I am proud of Brittni and her accomplishments, but I never really thought about her going to college.

I remember setting at the bowling alley in El Reno before she was born. We were still unsure of her middle name and we were wasting an afternoon. I remember us talking about her walking, talking, potty training (won't she love that I put that in there?), going to school and driving. I don't remember talking about graduation and college. Maybe we did and I don't remember. Anyway, I am going to miss her. I am very, very glad she will only be 4 minutes away.

Oh and by the way, the other thing that has changed---the price of tuition. Even on scholarship we owe $1000 for her tuition. Her scholarship was for 14 hours of tuition. She took 16 hours and we have to pay all the fees. Then we have books, room and board. Wow, it is more expensive than I realized.