Monday, June 23, 2008


Do you guys remember McGyver? He could do anything with "junk" that just happened to be laying around. Well, today Brittni got to show him up. She locked her keys in her truck while getting gas. She was on her way to work and in a hurry. I was already in the classroom, so she had no choice but to get them out herself.

I can't do it justice, so sometime you will have to ask her how you get your keys out using 12" laffy taffy, a stick and a fish hook.

Only Brittni!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another week down.

Wow, it is the weekend again. I had big plans for this weekend, nothing! However, it just hasn't worked out that well. It seems like there is no time in the week anymore for most housework, honey-do's and other stuff. So, it is relegated to my weekend. I have some cards I need to make, a couple of gifts to finish and I really wanted to squeeze in a nap, but I haven't been able to do any of that.

I started packing stuff from Brittni's room. She won't be taking a lot to the dorm, so she is wanting stuff packed up for later. We packed her porcelain doll collection and her tea sets. We have also packed some of her "stuff" that she has been given by other people. Stuff she thinks she will want when she marries. We also have packed Ari's motorcyle collection, or atleast most of it. It will give Ari more room after Brittni moves. Funny, Ari asked if she could move into the boys room. She has never had to be alone and doesn't think she is going to like not having Brittni around.

If you live around here, you heard about the hostage situation at the vet clinic in Arapaho. Boots' mom and sister were amongst the hostages. They are both fine, just rattled. His mom is the one who helped get the hostages (7 hostages were taken) to safety after the gunman left the clinic chasing the vet. She is very brave. I am amazed at their stories. They were all able to keep their calm in very scarry situation. Boots' sister is pregnant and I was really worried about her. She, too, is fine. As a matter of fact. About an hour after they were released, they all worked to save a dog that was critically ill. Is that impressive or what? I want to make them a card this afternoon and let them know how impressed I am with their behavior.

I am finishing my last week of summer school next week. I love these kids, but for some reason I am twice as tired when I get home. Next week I will be working with the older kids (4th grade - 8th grade) so I am hoping I won't be as tired.

We are anxiously awaiting my sisters arrival from Florida. They should be here on the 30th, just in time for my Mom's retirement. I am soooo excited they are coming.

I hope your weeks were just as good. Have a great rest of the weekend. Hopefully I will get some stuff done around here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just to let you know....

I know it has been a while since I updated, but I just can't get everything done in a day... Whew!

I read something today about momnesia. I am pretty sure I have it! I can't remember anything.

The girls have been to Super Summer and are preparing for Falls Creek. They and Courtney will head out on the 29th and be home on the 5th. My sister and her family are coming for an extended vacation (YEAH!!!) during the same time. I am also teaching summer school this week and next so I have seriously cut into my summertime.

I spent last week preparing for a craft show, it was a flop. I am hoping it was the location and not the goods. I did out sell the other two crafters in my area, but all in all it was not worth my time or trouble. The one thing I did enjoy was getting out of the house with no kids for an afternoon. We were in the park with a car show, but I never got to go look around. However, there seemed to be a large number of really cool cars there. My parents had two of their cars in the show and I think I heard my dad's name for 1st place in one of the divisions.

Brittni got a new job. She is working for the Tom Stafford Air and Space Museum. She loves it. So far she has worked a movie showing for a new documentary and she loved that. She spoke with the director and he even gave her a copy of a movie that he made about an astronaut that became an artist. He was one of the few astronauts that has actually been to the moon. Since she wants to become and artist that was really cool for her.

Anyway, I hope all is well with you guys.

Small setback for the Lawrenson's

I have waited to update on Tricia and Nate until they knew something for sure. Tricia was diagnosed yesterday with cancer. The type of cancer she has is brought on by the transplant drugs and the epstein barr virus (I hope I have this all right). It is called Post-Transplant Lymphoma. Anyway, they are very optimistic as they caught in its earliest stage. They tested Tricia for the virus and found it so they knew to check her lungs for the cancer. She will be talking with the oncologist's today and deciding on a game plan.

These two people are amazing. They are ready to face this head on. I have to admit, I keep thinking their faith is gonna run out with everything they have faced and yet it seems to grow stronger and stronger with each hurdle. If you haven't checked out Nate's blog, do so. It is amazingly upbeat and encouraging. He even has visited my blog to thank me for posting about their family. How cool is that?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Lawrenson's are going home......YEAH!

In April I posted about the Lawrenson family and their wonderful testimony of God's Love and Power. Today, they are on their way home--all three of them. If you missed that post and would like to read an amazing journey check out their blog at

Congrats Nate, Tricia, and Baby Gwyneth Rose.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Graduation Pictures

For those of you who couldn't be with us, here are a couple more pics from Graduation.

Big Sister (the biggest surprise), Dad and Grandpa enjoying the food before graduation

Brandon and Grandma Daloras--one of her surprises

Uncle Bobby--another Surprise for Brittni

Waiting Patiently

After getting her diploma!

Brittni and Grandpa Danny at the reception.

Mom and Grandpa Danny at the reception. Finally we can relax.