Monday, October 27, 2008

State Bound

Ari and the WHS Cross Country Girls team qualified for the State Run. She is way excited because they didn't make it last year. The coach told them they have a good chance of placing if they all work hard and run their best. Good Luck Ari!

She came home with a ring on her hand!

Yep, Brittni and Justin are getting married. I can't say it was a shock to me. I knew it almost from the beginning. I often told people that I would be surprised if they DIDN'T get married. There was something different about Justin and you knew it as soon as you met him. We spent one whole evening talking to them. We are comfortable with their decision, but we have asked them to wait a year. More because of their ages than anything else. They have already started saving and talking about where they want to live.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Two very important prayer requests

Tricia is recovering from her pneumonia; however, her cancer is not slowing. The second round of chemo did not do what they had expected and with today's PET scan came the news that it may have spread to lymph node in her chest. Please pray for Tricia, Nate and baby Gwenyth. Remember a Rose to pray for the Lawrenson's.

Little Ashley has slipped into rejection with her transplanted bowel. It also happened to her about one year ago exactly. She is stronger, older and ornerier this time so hopefully she will not take this treatment has hard as last years. Please pray for her. I use a "Blue" dog to pray for Ashley. He is her favorite!!!

Thanks for praying for my online friends!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Latest on Ari

We made it through the week and things seem to be calming down. The detective in charge of her case called yesterday with the news that the phone number that sent the text was a pre-paid number meaning no way to trace it. However he did speak with the people and feels things will be fine. The case will be turned over to the juvenille system next week. The girl tried to intimidate Ari all day Thursday, but when it didn't work she seems to have given up. Of course, the police being there to question her probably had something to do with it too. We feel confident that everything will be fine. We are going to continue on with our rules for Ari and watch to see how things progress.

Thanks for praying, cindi

Prayer Request

My blog friend Tricia, who is breathing with the help of donated lungs, has become ill. Hopefully it is just a cold that will pass, but with her weakend immune system (From Chemo), and her donated lungs we can't be too careful. Remember I use a rose to remember to pray for the Lawrensons, so anytime you see, smell or think of one will you join me?

What great friends I have,


Friday, October 3, 2008

Update on Ari

Yesterday was the first day that the girl who attacked Ari was allowed back at school. Wednesday Ari got a text message from an unknown number telling her "I swear I wish you were DEAD!" The number was from an area that the girl had recently been in. The police have the text and the number. The school has been made aware and we are sending Ari to school. I know some of you will question that decision, but here is part of why we did it.

The school system is watching the girl very, very closely.

The police are actively investigating last weeks attack and Wednesday nights text.

We can't let bully's rule our lives.

Ari doesn't want her life to be different because of the actions of a bully.

Now, Ari does have rules. However, for her safety we are not posting them. We have offers from several friends from church to walk her to class, eat lunch with her, take her and pick her up from school, etc. We have decide to pass on those for now. Yesterday went pretty well. The girl tried to scare her by staring at her every where she saw her. Ari doesn't let that get to her. She is ready to defend herself again if she needs to but would really rather just go back to being "Ari".

I will keep you posted. THANKS a million for praying for my girl!