Saturday, September 29, 2007

Praying for Ashley

I was introduced to this great little girl through some blogging friends. If you are interested in learning more about ashley, you can go to her mom's blog at She is very, very sick little girl who needs our prayers.

Happy Birthday Connor!

Today is Connor's 9th Birthday! He is so excited. He is awake and already bouncing off the walls. He will have a father/son campout tonight with the kids from church and then a family birthday party tomorrow. He will have his friend birthday in a couple of weeks. I am off to start on the cupcakes. He is taking 3 cupcakes to the campout tonight so they can celebrate while he is there!! Fun Times!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cross Country Update

Brittni and Ari ran in OKC this afternoon. Brittni placed 19th and Ari placed 33rd. Brittni's first comment to me, was "I am proud Mom. My time is almost back to where it was last year!" Do you know what those words meant to me? We were not really sure Brittni would ever even run again. And now, she is almost back to before her injury. There were 68 runners, so everyone felt good about her placing. She was fourth on her team.

Ari was proud of her time, but a little disappointed. We warned her to stay hydrated because they were running in the afternoon, but she suffered a small bout with dehydration at the end of the race. It cost her some time, but she finished strong. She passed 13 runners at the end to place 33rd.

Their grandpa Nolan got to go to the meet, so they were happy to see him at the finish. He is always good to bring them candy and water. He took them out to his truck to recover after the race. We are lucky to have family available to watch the kids when Courtney and I can't.

Have a great week.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Brittni's Senior Pictures

Ok, I know my daughter is a senior, but seeing her in that "senior drape" was almost more than I could handle. I went for my senior pictures by myself, but I insisted on going with Brittni to hers. It was fun to get her all made up and fix her hair, but it was really hard to see her proofs. I will send the link to you when I get the ok from Blunck's that they have been posted.

Billy Ray Cyrus has a new song called Ready, Set, Don't Go. It has become our family song. We are so proud of the young lady that Brittni has become, but we are not ready for her to be grown and gone.

Some of you know our dilema.


Saturday, September 22, 2007


Connor turns 9 next weekend. So hard to believe how my kids have grown. I remember when he was born. The girls loved on him so much, and still do. He has grown a lot this summer. Time for new clothes.

I told the girls at school that if he grew into his new shoes, he would be 10 feet tall. His feet are huge!!!

We are planning a fun family get together next weekend, and he is having some freinds over for a sleepover on Friday night. Fun, Fun!

My 20 Year Class Reunion

This past weekend, we celebrated my 20 year class reunion in El Reno or as the locals now call it Hell Reno. Wow has it changed. We went to my former elementary school and everything was so small. I was sure it was much bigger back when. The real difference, everything was locked. All the playground equipment was even locked up. When I was little, we would all meet at the school and play on the equipment all weekend. No more of that. We had to get someone to let us in just to have a picnic. That was strange. The other strange thing was that a girl I graduated with is now the principal there. I still remember my principal, Mr. Eskew.

Anyway, we also had a dinner and dance at a new place called the Uptown/Downtown. It was an old building downtown that had been renovated. It was really neat. We had a DJ who brought Karoake. Now, that was fun. My favorite was Vernon signing "I like big butts" He did a great job. I didin't know he could talk so fast--it is mostly rap. Anyway, I posted some pics from it on my myspace page if you want to check them out. It was fun, but I am glad it is over.

There is a lot of time and money that goes into one of those crazy things. I know it is worth it, but there are times when I wonder.


I have fallen really behind on this blog, so I am going to try and post several small ones to get you all caught up again.

Brittni is continuing to get stronger everyday. She ran her best time last week. 2 miles in 13:17. Her personal best is 13:00. Her best time to date this year was 16:47. She shaved 3 minutes off her time. Her doctor says she will have good races and bad races. There is nothing more they can do for her feet. She has decided to forgo her college scholarship in cross country and just finish her senior year. I know she has too, but it sure ads some pressure to send her to school. They think she can try to run again her sophomore year, but it will be a wait and see game. We will start applying for other college scholarships, and grants in January.

Other than her feet, she is good. Her senior year is harder than she thought and she is spending a lot of time doing homework. She has gotten a job. She works at our church. She cleans the nursery's after worship on Sunday afternoon, and evening. She also cleans them after CDO on Tuesdays and Fridays. And will work some on Saturdays. It doesn't pay a lot, but the hours are good and all she really needs is gas money.

We are doing her panel and yearbook pictures today, and then next month my cousin is coming in from Tennessee to do the rest of her pics. One more thing checked off the list for senior year.