Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of School

I will update the pics soon, but I wanted to tell you about our exciting first day of school. About noon, Ari calls to tell me she doesn't feel good. I am thinking, ya right. I don't feel good either after being off all summer... Anyway, she was diagnosed with asthma on Monday and she is complaining of shortness of breath so I told her to take a puff of her inhaler and let me know in 10 minutes if she felt better. 10 minutes later she calls, doesn't feel better. So, I tell her take another puff. Within a few minutes she calls to tell she is worse. Severe chest pain on the left side, can't take deep breaths, ashen color. I freak. Called Courtney because I had no one to cover for me and told him to take her to the ER. He brought her by the school first, she looked terrible. Long story short version, she has Pleurisy. Used to be more prevalent, but is making a come back. They tested her for several diseases and injuries that could cause it and decided hers is viral. Which is a good thing. No underlying chronic illness. She felt much better after some pain meds. She is coping well and hopefully it will run its course in a week or so. She goes to our regular doctor on Tuesday for another check up! What a way to start the school year!!!

BTW- That is her third ER visit in 2 weeks. She is getting awfully exspensive!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

************updating again

We have started back to school, well atleast I have. The kids go back on Thursday. Today was my first day to be back all day with kids. We had enrollment today. My feet hurt! I forgot what it was like to wear dress shoes all day. I have to figure out a way to wear my super cool purple nikes to school everyday so my feet don't hurt!

We meet everyone's teachers today except Ari's. They were in a meeting this morning. Seems weird to have enrollment to meet the teachers and then have a meeting for them!?!

We got Brittni moved back to the dorm. She is in a private room--6.0' x 10.0'. Pretty sure that is the same size as a jail cell! It is weird, but she likes it.

Courtney is actually home this week, but we are expecting him to go out of town again next week.

We are headed to Webber's Falls this weekend for the marriage of our "college" son Caleb. He and Amy will marry on Saturday and then honeymoon. Then they will move back to Weatherford. We are so excited for them and can't wait to add Amy to the family.

Ok, that's all for now. I am trying to do better at keeping you updated!

Friday, August 14, 2009

**********Quick Update

Wow, sorry! It has been a while. There has been so much going on, I guess I haven't been doing very good keeping up with the blog. Here is a quick update.

Brittni is leaving tomorrow to go back to college. As you know, this was not what she had planned. She was planning a wedding for July, but it just didn't work. As things have calmed down from the fall out of their break-up, we are very glad. We are learning somethings that just don't make us happy. Unfortunately, she was in a very controlled relationship. We are starting to see our sweet Brittni return to us slowly. She is now very excited to get back to the dorm and be a "college student".

Ari has been having some serious issues that stem from her blood sugar. We seem to be getting a better control over it, but it has affected her ability to participate in CC. Since this is her senior year, she is bummed about not being in top form. She is doing the best she can with what she has, it is just harder.

The boys are ready to go back to school. Hunter will be in my building this year and Connor is in his last year of Elementary. Wow, where did the time go. I now have no more children at the K-1st grade center. I still remember taking Brittni their for her first day. Sadly, her 1st grade teacher died over the summer after an extended battle with cancer.

I have been back at work for a couple of days. My assignment was switched at the last minute, so I am scrambling to get my things in order. I will be with 3rd graders this year. I have done it before, just thought all summer I was doing 2nd. Trying to move my head to 3rd grade work....

Courtney has traveled 6 out of the past 7 weeks. Today marks his 12 day of work in a row. He did come home early and is spending the weekend at his hunting lease with Ari. (with Brit's blessing, of course) Brittni doesn't want her parents to set-up her room this year, so I am helping her move her stuff in and then leaving her to get it the way she wants it. She has the school thing figured out! Anyway, Court is doing well. We have successfully made the change to a new insulin. He is adjusting to it and it appears to be working really well. Changing his meds is never easy, and frankly I wish it didn't have to happen but he becomes resistant to his insulin about every 3-5 years. We are on our 5th type of long acting insulin in 10 years. This is the 10th year. He was diagnosed in December of 1999.

Well, sorry for the long update. Hopefully I will do better about keeping up!
Happy weekend.