Friday, February 29, 2008

Coming to my home--the FLU!

We tried very hard to keep everyone well, but it didn't work. Brittni tested positive on Tuesday and Hunter got it Wednesday. Lucky Brittni is old enough to stay home with Hunter and I was able to work and save my sick leave in case anyone else gets it. Brittni felt pretty good Wednesday afternoon and really felt like going back to school today, but the doc vetoed it. No more germs in our bodies right now. Hunter felt pretty crummy until yesterday afternoon, but he bounced back well then. He wanted to go to school today too, but the doc didn't want either one of them in the germ infested buildings. So.... they stayed home again. Brittni was out all week and Hunter 3 days.

Ari and I have been battling strep throat. As of today, I don't have a voice. The kids think it is funny to listen to me. Poor Courtney was out of town and couldn't understand me on the phone. He kept saying...."huh?", "huh?". It was frustrating, but funny. I took the kids for ice cream this afternoon and I grabbed a dip of low carb ice cream myself. It really helped. Then, tonight my Sunday School director and his wife brought me 6 bowls of soup. I had one for supper and it really helped, too. I am hoping to be back up full speed ahead by tomorrow.

Connor had to do a report over a famous person today. He chose Louis Braille. I happen to have a very dear friend who is blind and writes in Braille. She brailled all the kids in Connor's class for him to pass out during his report. Apparently they all loved it. He got a 100 on his report and was really excited.

Well, I am off to bed. I fell like I haven't slept in weeks. Of course it could have something to do with the 4 nights this week I slept with someone running a fever. Or should I say, didn't sleep. I checked them all night long to make sure the fever didn't spike. Maybe a good nights sleep is what I need.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for checking on us.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Something Really Cool

This was waiting for us when we got home today.

"Congratulations Brittni, you are confirmed to receive AT LEAST, a Distinguished Freshman Scholarship. This guarantees 16 credit hours per semester for the fall and spring sememster. You will also be considered for more scholarships when the committee meets in early March!"

Brittni had a sore throat, but in what little voice she had left she did this....."WHHHOOOOO HHHHOOOOO!" Although it squeaked and barely came out, we knew what she meant.

We are very excited, and even more proud. We'll keep you posted,


Monday, February 11, 2008

Coming to a Home near YOU!

The FLU!!

Wow, what a day. The flu has hit Weatherford and hit us HARD! We started the day with 15 kids in the classroom, by 3:05 we were down to 11. They all have the same symptoms: headache, body aches, fever, some sore throats, some vomitting. We know there are some confirmed cases of Influenze typeB. We also know the flu vaccine didn't hit the virus' running rampant out here.

Here's my tip for the day--WASH YOUR HANDS AND WASH THEM OFTEN.

When I left today, I had the worst headache I have had in a long time and a fever of 100.4. I took a big dose of ibuprofen and feel a little better. Here's to hoping it was just a residual of the stress of all the kids being out.

Stay well.

Keep praying for Ashley. She is struggling to hang on. She weighs 4 lbs more than she did when they got her to Omaha, all fluid retention around her heart and lungs. It is making it increasingly hard for her body to function. Thanks for praying

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just checking in

It has been in a while, so I thought I had better check in with everyone. We are busy with all the activities that come with having a senior in the house. We have finished scholarship applications, college applications, and are now focusing on dorm applications. We want a specific dorm for Brit because the others have a reputation for partying more than we would like. We are hopeful she will get into the right dorm. It is also the dorm I lived in when I was in school.

We have a student teacher starting tomorrow in the classroom and I am excited. I know Allison so I think it will make the transition smooth for her and the classroom. We are only a few weeks away from spring break and I have to say I am EXCITED. I love the spring and I need the break. Does anyone else feel that way?

Courtney has gone to Leedy with Ari and Connor for an archery shoot. Brittni is going to work ane me and Hunter are headed to a swim party at the Y. I am ready for some rest, so I am going to grab a quick nap before we go. I hope you are all healthy. We have had a rush of Type B influenza the school so a little rest may be the extra help I need to ward it off. Have a great week. Don't forget to pray for Ashley, she is in a serious fight for her life.


Saturday, February 9, 2008


I have mentioned Ashley here before. She has taken a turn for the worse. Check her blog for the latest information, but please stop right now and say a prayer for her, her mom and dad, brother and sister, and the doctors who are trying so hard to find out what is wrong and how to treat it.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Check out the black light cadence that Brittni performed in yesterday at the WHS homecoming pep rally. She is the first bass drum player that you see. Her white shoes show up well. Brittni is the drum line leader this year. This is her last homecoming pep rally at WHS.

I hope you enjoy it.

Check out this video: Band @ Pep Assembly

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