Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice, Sleet, Snow storm of 2010

We were expecting a huge snowstorm, but as usual the weatherman got all mixed up. We were told to prepare for 6-12 inches of snow and instead got 1" of ice, 3" of sleet and 3" of snow. We ended up making a place in the backyard we could sled, snowboard, and fall down! We used a giant jelly roll pan to sled and snowboard on.

Ari going down on her knees. She tried snowboarding but ended up falling pretty hard. She decided that she was closer to the ground if she was on her knees.
Daddy attempting to snowboard. He made it down once, but fell on the second try.
Connor did ok snowboarding, but like sledding down on his rear the most.
Hunter was an excellent snowboarder until he got tired and then he couldn't do it and spent some time in his rooming because he kept crying!
This is the only way Connor will ever hit Ari with a snowball---through a window!

Christmas with Bobby and Amy, January 2010

Grandpa and his boys
the grandkids
uncle coconut and griffin
connor singing karoake, he accidentally said the bad word in the song that I told him to skip!
Hunter singing karaoke, he was so embarrassed, he covered himself with a blanket.

Being Lazy

Ari and Hunter

Christmas with Courtney's Family

Penny and Nolan
Brittni with her Large Drawing Pad
Hunter with Duck Hunt
Connor and his Pixos with Ashley
Ari and her new Camo Coat
The kids

Ari and Brittni

Connor and Hunter, RA Racer Tournament 2010

Hunter eventually lost to Brandon, but Brandon won the whole race in the younger division.
Connor lost to Colton, who also won the whole race in the older division
The three musketeers, Grant, Hunter and Benjamin
Connor cheering his car
Hunter cheering his car

Christmas with Danny and Nancy

Danny and Nancy looking at the Giant Twistie Tie that we got them for the camper
Connor watching his new Charlie Brown video
Brittni helping Hunter put together a Transformer
Ari modeling her new duds
Danny and Nancy and her NOEL foldout I made her.
Danny and Nancy came out the day after Christmas to celebrate with us. They couldn't come out Christmas day because of the weather. The kids also opened their presents from my dad and step-mom.

Christmas Day, 2009

Connor and his Club Penguin card
Brittni and Ari
Brittni, Connor and Hunter
Boys with PS2 and Wii game
Luci waiting for hers
Hunter with his new Transformer
Brittni and Ari

Because of the snow, we were limited on family. My step-dad arrived safely from Hinton and we had some friends over, but most of our family couldn't make it to our house.

Christmas Eve with the family, 2009

Hunter reading the directions to put together his Bionicles!
Brittni's new boots
Ari and Connor playing Battleship
Hunter and his haul
Connor showing off his haul and Ari looking at her Yankees Photo
Ari's UGLY shirt