Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Growing Up

During the past several weeks, things have happened to people around me that remind me 1) just how precious life is, 2) just how fragile life is, and 3) just how fast life is going. For the past several years, our family has dealt with Courtney's chronic illnesses. Recently, Ari was diagnosed with a chronic illness. It has become our life. I don't necessarily like it, but I can handle it. Now it seems others are getting these diagnosis and I am realizing we don't live in a bubble.

My classmates and friends are now facing cancer, and chronic illnesses. In the last year, we have lost classmates, parents, siblings, grandparents, and children. I know it is going to happen, it just seems we have all of the sudden started growing up fast. I think I realized how quickly things can change with my classmate's diagnosis of breast cancer. We are the same age and have recently celebrated our 20 year class reunion. It seems like only yesterday we were in El Reno laughing and having a great time; not worrying about cancer. Since Tamera's diagnosis last week, a classmate has lost his mom and today another lost her grandmother. In the past month another classmate was told that her skin cancer had spread and she now has metastatic lung cancer.

All this to say, please realize how precious life is. Enjoy your children, your spouse, your parents, and your friends.

Asking for Prayer

I have mentioned Tricia and Nate Lawrenson on my blog before. She is facing a setback in her cancer treatments. Remember she was diagnosed with cancer post transplant. She has not reacted to the treatment like they planned and they are working now to come up with a new plan. Because of her suppressed immune system coupled with her new lungs, they are proceeding carefully.

Please lift them up each time you think about them. It sometimes help me to attach a "thing" to my prayer requests so that each time I think of, or see the "thing" I can ask for a quick prayer. I have attached a rose to the Lawrensons. That way each time I see one, think of one or smell one I will remember to ask the Lord to give them peace, comfort, strength, guidance and patience.

Will you help me pray for them?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A couple of pics from vacation

Sanctuary on campus at Glorieta

Kids at the Pubelo Ruins in Pecos, New Mexico

My favorite picture from vacation!
We give new meaning to the statement "catching fish"
The kids would put their fingertips in the water and splash around; the fish would literally jump into their hands. We "caught" lots of fish this way, as you can see though, none were "keepers"
The kids "Fishing"

We stayed on the Baptist Encampment of Glorieta. Beautiful, Beatiful, Beautiful. Not to make you jealous, but the highs were in the low 70's everyday!

A Surpise During Vacation

Courtney's Mom, Brenda, drove down from Farmington to visit us while we were on vacation. We haven't seen her much in the past 5 years. We had a nice visit. She and her husband are relocating to Oklahoma in a month or so.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just So Hippy

I think that is the name of this set from GinaK. I made this for a birthday card for someone this weekend. I used the new Martha Stewart paper collection, brads and flowers from K-mart, and a dew drop from an online store.

Secret Swap, Cards

This is the stuff I made for my first secret swap. What do you think?

These were made with Martha Stewart paper, GinaK stamps, Fiskars glue dots, stick-on embellishments from GinaK and ribbon from Wal-mart. The polar bear is a magnet made on a cork board magnet square I got from Joannes in the dollar spot.

Blog Candy

Not mine, but check out this site to try and win some really cute stuff and some stamps too. I have tried to win blog candy many, many times but have yet to be able to do it. I wanted to give you guys the chance to have a turn also. Good luck!

PS--I tried five times to get it to make a link, but it wouldn't work. I don't know what I did wrong! Just highlight, copy and paste.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Two drivers that is! Ari is offically a licensed driver. She passed her test today. She had a little trouble with cutting corners, but for the most part she did great. She drove us, on the highway, to see Courtney at the office. She also drove me to the pharmacy and Braum's. Now for a job to pay for her gas!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sending some love to Texas

Sending a hug from Weatherford to Dallas. Don't give up Meredith. We are so proud of you!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Secret Swapper

I singed up to do a secret swap with a group from Gina K designs. I am putting my stuff in the mail today. I can't post it until it gets to my swapper. I will post hers and mine after vacation. Just wanted you to keep on the look out!

New toy..

One of the things I was waiting on while they were gone was the delivery of our new toy. No matter how tired they were, they couldn't wait to get this thing going when they got home.

It is going to come in handy for hunting this year.

It fits, but barely. We gotta get a trailer!

Pics from the tire excitement

Just how many tired falls creekers does it take to change a tire?
Not good, not good at all....
Ari patiently waiting


That was the theme for this years Falls Creek. Courtney went as a cook again this year. That in itself amazes me. I swear, yes I know I shouldn't, the guy can't cook. However, the cooks oooh and aaah over how much he helps in the kitchen. They tell me they only have to ask and he will do anything for them. I think it is the lack of sleep that makes him so willing, but whatever the case he looks forward to using one of his vacation weeks to go cook for the many campers.

Ari went down early with him to help unload the trailer of food and stuff. As always she was the life of the party. She loves to make people smile and crack up at her silliness. Brittni joined them on Monday. They had an awesome week.

The boys and I never made it down this year because we had something going everyday, but talked to them often. They did get several visitors. Courtney's grandma drove up on Tuesday, his Dad, Penny and Ashley drove down on Wednesday and Aunt Jalyn drove down on Thursday. They also got another very big surprise on Thursday. I sent Justin down with some friends from church. He happened to be off Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday so he went and stayed with them the rest of the week. No one knew but Courtney. I wish I could have seen Brittni's face when she saw him. He had told her that he couldn't get off work so she didn't expect him. When they got down there he called her and luckily she could get just enough signal to get the call. She told him to hold on while she ran up the hill to get a better signal. There he was waiting on her! I tell you, I like him more and more every day.

Some of our college kids went with them as sponsors. Caleb stayed the rest of the weekend here with us and left to go back to Texas on Sunday evening.

They did have some excitment coming home. They had a flat on the church van. Luckily the drivers of the van felt the change in driving and called Courtney. He thought they could make it to the next town, but he wanted to drive the van. So one of them drove his truck and he took the van. They didn't make it very far before the tire started peeling away. Luckily Justin and Brittni were with Courtney and Ari so he and Justin unloaded the trailer from Courtney's truck and put the tire in the back. They then drove to the next town and found a tire for the van. That threw them off about 2 hours. They were very tired and ready to get home after that. I will post some pics of their excitement.

While they were at the Creek, I painted the bathroom and the boys bedroom. They both needed a good touch up. We had my Mom's retirement party and I spent one day in the city with her looking at embrodiery shops. (She is planning on opening one in Hinton soon) I really thought I would drive down Friday and spend a couple of hours, but my head wouldn't let me. I have been having some headaches lately and the one that day was horrible. We finally figured out what was going on. About 2 weeks ago a trophy fell off the girls wall and hit me in the forehead. It hurt, and bruised, but I didn't think much about. Well, it got me harder than I thought. I have a crack on my forehead. Nothing to be done about it, just let it heal but it explains the headaches. As a matter of fact, yesterday was the first day without one!! I was very excited!!!!

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted you to catch up on the adventures of the Creek! We leave for vacation on Monday. My sister and her children will be here to watch the house while we are gone. I will catch up when we get back.

Friday, July 4, 2008

To Everyone

God Bless America

Happy Fourth of July!

God Bless America!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photos from my craft show....

Here are some pics from the Car Show Craft Booth. Sales were SLOW all day, I did sell all of my small journals and a lot of post it note holders. I also sold several clipboards. But, overall sales sucked!

One table

Part of a table

"girlie" journals

hunting journals

Gift card holders...made from A2 envelopes

Note card portfolios

Breast Cancer Magnets

Post it note holders

It's Official....She's Retired!

Congrats Mom!

Cathy, Mom and Me

Mom, D and Judge C

Practicing her Granny look....